Jeffrey Cain

  1. Enharmonic 2:14
  2. Higher Nature 3:05
  3. All Is Well 2:00
  4. A Place For Us 2:07
  5. Beyond Belief 1:50

Jeffrey Cain is the main songwriter and guitarist of the American rock band Remy Zero, who originally hail from Birmingham Alabama.  Touted from the beginning for their distinctly soaring, catchy as well as cinematic style, the band was discovered early on by Radiohead, who brought them on tour with them as their first American support act.

Soon after their breakout, Remy Zero quickly established themselves in the film and television scene with placements in such pop hit shows as “Charmed,” and “Roswell,” and the films “She’s All That,”  “Never Been Kissed,” “Crazy Beautiful,” “Just Married,” and the amazing music-heavy film “Garden State,” among many others.

Soon after this early success, their song “Save Me,” would be chosen as the main title theme to the Superhero smash hit “Smallville,” which ran for 10 years and catapulted their music into television history.

Also, at this point, having been recognized as a talented theme writer, Jeffrey Cain was called upon by the music supervisor on “Crazy Beautiful,” PJ Bloom, to write another theme, this time for a darker show, that was soon to be another smash hit, “Nip/Tuck.”

Jeffrey, bitten by the film and television bug, has since decided to devote much of his time to scoring.  Lately, he was tapped as the composer for the new show “I Am Cait,” which chronicles the transformation and new life of its star, Caitlin Jenner.  The music was very sensitive for this show – it rode the line between serious documentary show and entertainment, and needed to be a little classier than some of the other reality shows, given its delicate subject matter.

Jeffrey’s music is warm, textural, evocative and always evolving.  He currently also runs a record label called Communicating Vessels, which allows him to constantly discover and grow musically, and experiment with new sounds.